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TTC Outage

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It's days like this that I'm particularly thankful for my bike...

Yeesh. The TTC can’t seem to catch a break. The day after fare hikes are announced, the Yonge-University line of the subway was closed from Bloor to Davisville. It appears the problem is located just outside our building where TTC workers were frantically working. It appears they are bracing the road from above. I wonder if they are getting ready to dig.
The star says the source of the problem was a contractor accidentally pierced a section of the tunnel using a road saw and that they are working hard to get the subway up and running by tomorrow morning.

Update: We just got a note from our building management stating the following:
“We are taking this opportunity to advise you of the current situation at the Jackes Avenue bridge and subway closure.
Enbridge Gas Distribution hired an independent contractor to perform work on the bridge earlier today in order to relocate one of their gas distribution lines. During this work the contractor cut through the bridge into the TTC subway tunnel. TTC subsequently ceased operations of the subway for safety reasons until the full extent of repairs can be assessed.”


Written by Tilak Dutta

November 18, 2009 at 11:27 pm

Posted in ttc outage

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